I am a Sydney-based freelance science journalist and radio broadcaster, and my articles have appeared in Australian Geographic, National Geographic, Science Alert, SBS Science, Australasian Science, New Philosopher and other outlets. My radio features have been broadcast on SBS Radio in over 30 languages.

I am currently open for freelance work as a science journalist, editor, fact-checker and copywriter.

Please take a look at my portfolio page to read some of my stuff, find out more about my background and skills, and get in touch with me here.

My specialisation in science writing is in nature, health, medicine and psychology, as well as curiosities and answers to puzzling questions. I am also passionate about rationality, the skepticism movement and critical thinking.

This website is also home to my blogging project ‘A Common Year’ – an endeavour to write a daily science-themed blog post for 365 days in a row.

Profile photo by Spīgana Spektore