periodic table of elements with frequency

The periodic table of frequency | Day 111

I discussed infographics not so long ago. Perhaps one of the most widely recognised infographics is the periodic table of elements, evolved from the one devised by chemistry professor Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869.

Google, amongst its many branches, projects, and divisions, has a Research group. And within that group you have the Big Picture Group – people who explore how “information visualization can make complex data accessible, useful, and even fun.” The stuff they do is used both internally in the corporation, and on their public project page for anyone to explore.

Big Picture have devised their own spin on the classic periodic table, which allows an easy overview of the frequency of elements within the human body, earth’s crust, the sea, as well as correlates it with properties such as volume. It also features a visualisation of electron shells – perhaps the most beautiful version of the periodic table I’ve ever seen.

electron shell data in the periodic table

It’s a simple-looking, yet powerful piece of interactive visualisation, and you can actually learn things, too. For example, did you know how much gold there is in the human body? Go, find out!

3 thoughts on “The periodic table of frequency | Day 111”

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  3. Do you happen to have the models and diagrams of what the periodic table or other chemical components look like on a frequency wave?
    I would be very interested in getting that information.

    Thanks so much!

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