Top science stories in 2014 | Day 138

Let’s face it. Today is National Hangover Day. I’m tired, you’re tired. Unless you had to go to work today, in which case I’m really sorry.

Either way, this is not a day for long essays on science, unless I was writing about the science of drinking too much alcohol, but everybody knows how that works anyway. I could write about calendars and the arbitrary nature of a new year, but oh, I’ve already done that.

So instead, below is my round-up of science stories to mark the end of 2014, one last time.

The cutest science story

Penguins, dress-up, wheels, and a publication in Nature Methods – this one has it all.

The grossest science story

If you think glassfrogs are repulsive, you won’t believe what happened to this mouse at Caltech.

Best tech story

It’s not a new invention, but it is something intricately linked to our everyday lives, and one man who made the technology behind it better.

Best space story

What could it possibly be if not the scientific breakthrough of the year on a space rock that man has not touched before?

Favourite sci-fi novel

Sometimes, the most inspirational story can still be found in classic fiction, written long before you were alive. Also learn why ‘The Martian’ didn’t make the cut.

The greatest dinosaur

Every palaeontologist’s dream must be finding a shin bone bigger than a human being.

The science disappointment of 2014

The discovery that could have changed the face of regenerative medicine was called out, investigated, retracted, and shamed.

Best science award of 2014

For the first time in history, a woman received an award in what has been largely thought of as male endeavour.

Most inspirational video

One day, we will become wanderers of the sky.

Now that the year is done, what can we expect from  science in 2015? Here’s a brief taste of that, too.

Best science of 2015

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