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Living with a scientist | Day 164

Scientists, researchers, lecturers and other academics don’t just spend their lives at their respective research institutions. They also have a home life, which can often be flavoured by their profession – often in funny ways.

As biology researcher Debbie Knight demonstrates on her blog Biologyze, sometimes conversations in scientist households get downright absurd:

He said, “How would you like these carrots cut?”

She said, “Small slices.”

He said, “How small?”

She said, “I don’t know, maybe quarter-of-an-inch slices.” (indicating size with her thumb and index finger)

He said, “Longitudinally or transversely?”

She said, “You know, sliced” (making chopping gestures with her hand)

He said, “Longitudinally or transversely?”

She said, “Here let me do it.”

And that’s the way he used to get out of Sous-Chef duty.

Now, I’m more specific. “Could you please cut these carrots into half centimeter transverse sections?”

Scientists are nerds.

And if you happen to live with one, sometimes even mundane areas of the house, such as the kitchen, become filled with adventure.

Do you live with a scientist, and have a funny story to share? Please do, and we can start a collection right here!

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