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Happy Darwin Day! | Day 180

On this day 206 years ago one of the most celebrated scientists was born. His life and work continue to influence humanity – he propelled the scientific quest for the most accurate knowledge of our origins; of the mysterious and complex rules that govern life on our planet; of natural selection and evolution.

Charles Darwin was 50 when the foundation of evolutionary biology, On the Origin of Species, was published. While his ideas did not emerge in a vacuum and he was not the sole originator of the thesis of evolution, Darwin was a driving force in making it a scientific reality.

International Darwin Day Foundationan autonomous program of the American Humanist Association, has this to say in Darwin’s honour:

While Darwin’s remarkable impact on biology, cosmology, and the scientific process generally cannot be understated, it is again his undeniable desire for truth through scientific discovery, his unwavering curiosity to discover that which was hidden (naturally or purposefully), and his determination to brave intellectual depths that inspires us.

Numerous events are happening thanks to this inspiration – from lectures to cake, to 24-hour-readings of Darwin’s works, to festivals and even whole weeks dedicated to the great scientist.

It is also recognised to be a day to celebrate science and reason in general. I already celebrate science and reason every day – hey, that’s what this blog is about – but maybe I should bake a cake this weekend, too…

What are you going to do on Darwin Day?

Also, it’s day 180 of this project, what a nice round number for Darwin Day! Almost halfway there… Have you subscribed to the newsletter yet?


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