Half of a common year | Day 183

This is the day when I enter new territory in the process of writing this blog – I now have fewer articles left to write than I have already written!

In other words, this is the halfway point of my one-year science blogging marathon. Technically it should be 182.5 days, but hey, this is close enough. To think that day 100 was already 83 days ago.

A milestone is the natural place for reflection, of course. Without doubt this project has influenced my daily habits, my attitude towards writing, as well as my ability to commit words to the page. I have written in various states of mind, under various pressures, and usually without enough time for revision. This is, perhaps, my least favourite part of writing a daily blog – most of the time I don’t get to sleep on my stories, and often can’t develop an idea as much as I would like, or go into enough depth, simply because there isn’t enough time, and there is ‘real’ work to do. The kind that pays bills and buys me dresses.

Yet I have also tremendously enjoyed letting myself be more creative, and experiment with various formats and ideas. For example, I now have Picture Wednesday for exploring the intersection of science and art, as well as simply allowing myself to use the visual medium to add an extra dimension to this project.

I’ve also dabbled in writing little fictional snippets, such as the one where humans return to an Earth they find rather different from what history books have told them. In fact, occasionally I have used the topic of science fiction to step outside the boundaries of writing about real world science events, news, or history. Although unusual for a science blog,  to me it feels natural to include this topic, and it’s one of the ways that really lets me push the boundaries of my writing. I look forward to doing even more of this in the future. Sorry.

Which leads me to pointing out how happy I am to know there are people out there – and this might include you, the person reading this – who look forward to my stories, ramblings, musings, essays and explorations. Who have made it a habit to read this stuff, just as I have made it a habit to write it. I know this challenge has already inspired a few people to set their own creative goals, too.

Every new subscriber to the newsletter – and there aren’t that many – gives me a little nod of appreciation, a little reminder that I am not just doing this for myself. I am sharing something with the world, something that is vitally important to me – science stories. And while blog comments are typically thin on the ground, there are still Twitter conversations and even the occasional Facebook comment. I enjoy every single one of them. Next time when you think you would like to comment, please do.

Overall, it’s been trying at times, and while I do enjoy this project, I am starting to long for one lovely day in August 2015 when I will be able to  sit down and realise – it is finally ok to skip a day.

Who knows, by then I may be unable to stop writing, ever.

3 thoughts on “Half of a common year | Day 183”

  1. Apsveicu un novēlu izturību! :) Ikdienā, ne vienmēr ir laika izlasīt, tāpēc sagaidu epastu un lasu visu, kas iekrājies nedēļas laikā. Nezinu, ko es darītu, ja nebūtu newsletter. Paldies! :)

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