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Picture Wednesday: The chemicals in lipstick | Day 193

Full disclosure: I absolutely love Compound Interest. It’s a visual blog by a British chemistry teacher, Andy Brunning – a feast for the eyes and the brain, it features infographics on various aspects of chemistry and science. Some are highly educational, for example, the sets that discuss all the various classes of chemical elements, or take you on a crash-course through organic chemistry.

Others are more curious, such as the series on chemical compounds which give food items their signature characteristics, or the one that explains everyday compounds such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Each graphic is also accompanied by an informative article that goes into more detail about the subject, and explains some of the facts in greater detail. Beautiful and informative? I know.

I knew I wanted to feature one of these graphics as part of my Wednesday series, and any one of them would have been great. However, the one I chose is about chemicals in lipstick, because it piked my curiosity, as I’m a huge fan of wearing red lipstick. The one you see in the featured photo is what I wear probably on most days. Red lipstick is fucking great, but of course I had no idea what’s in it.

Now I’m wondering whether the particular MAC formulation I use contains ground-up bugs. And capsaicin? In lipstick? Who knew.

Click to see a full-size version.
Click to see a full-size version.

Now that I’ve introduced you to Andy Brunning, go, read Compound Interest! It’s truly excellent.

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