Picture Wednesday: Stoplight loosejaw and other creatures | Day 207

James Hutson has a style, and it’s somewhere between delightful, modern, and really, really clever. A writer, illustrator and animator, Hutson co-runs bridge8, a foresight agency in Melbourne,1 creating wonderful vector illustrations and animations on all kinds of important topics, including water recycling, nano technology, and critical thinking lessons for kids.

He is all about critical and creative thinking, and, of course, science. My kind of artist. Even better, he kindly allowed me to share one of his art pieces here on this blog.

I could have shared any number of James Hutson’s superb animations, but this is Picture Wednesday, so a picture it will be.2 Last year Hutson collaborated with science writer Matt Shipman on several comics about critters that light up.

Here’s the first one – click to see in full-size glorious detail. The northern stoplight loosejaw (Malacosteus niger), is a funny-looking species of barbeled dragonfish that lives in all oceans at a depth of about 200-1000 metres, which is known as the mesopelagic zone. These are the last bastions of ocean depth where some sunlight still penetrates. Go deeper, and it becomes pitch dark, and the fish get curiouser, their eyes – bigger, their teeth… But let’s not dwell on that.

loosejaw bioluminescence
The secret weapon of a stoplight loosejaw fish (Malacosteus niger) | Courtesy James Hutson

Oh, and there are two more comics over in the original article on BuzzHootRoar. They’re just as good.

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  1. I don’t know what “foresight agency” means either.
  2. Do check out his animations though.

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