Sinus headache | Day 227

The virus has gone to my sinuses. I was going to write something else today, but I’ve discovered I can’t sit in front a computer for longer than ten minutes, because the sinus headache becomes absolutely unbearable.1 So, I’m hoping to write today’s story on Thursday – it will be interesting.

Sinuses in the face are connected to the back of the nose via fairly small ducts. If these become inflamed, the normally air-filled cavities don’t drain properly, and pressure builds up. To treat it, one needs to decrease the inflammation to let the sinuses drain. Remedies include saline nasal sprays, steam inhalations, as well as decongestants.

I’m going to try some or all of that right now, because even just typing that last sentence was difficult due to the pain and nausea that strike if the pressure in my head is not alleviated.

Wow, I haven’t been this ill in many, many years.

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  1. Right now I’m on the couch with a laptop, but it turns out that even keeping my head upright is agony.

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