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Big fashion data | Day 257

You know how Google knows everything about everybody?

Well, now they’ve come out with a fashion report:

Consumers turn to Google Search in the moments that matter when it comes to fashion, giving us a glimpse into the latest up-and-coming trends for spring. By looking at search demand patterns, geographic data, and co-search behavior, we can see what trends are top of mind this season.

According to the trends they have compiled, peplum dresses and vintage clothing are on a decline, while tulle skirts are going up.1

Consumers aren’t interested only in buying tulle skirts. Top searches indicate that a majority are feeling inspired to get crafty and make their own.

Of course, this analysis is something largely useful for clothing retailers or fashion bloggers, and only in the US. But it’s also a curious application of data mining. The term “big data” is a bit of a buzzword, but essentially means that extremely large data sets can be mined for information that you simply couldn’t find out otherwise, and can be used for forecasting as well. There is an excellent explainer on this topic over at, you guessed it, The Conversation.

This fashion report just proves that it’s yet another step that’s taking us closer to a sci-fi world where computers will know what we are up to before we know it ourselves.

Just kidding.

Also, I kind of want a tulle skirt now.

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  1. Thank goodness I already have a full wardrobe of 50-s looking dresses; I can stay original. Also, aren’t tulle skirts totally early 2000s? You know, when Carrie Bradshaw was rocking them on the last season of Sex and the City.

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