It’s Day 366+

It’s now officially been over a year since I started this project to do non-stop science blogging every single day – rain or shine, Christmas or head cold.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to.

August 2014

I vowed to write about science for a year, explained how we measure years, why animal eyes shine funny, calculated elephants in a cloud, found penguin jumpers, broke a tooth, took headache medication, counted new species, saw three great storms, celebrated Enviroweek, found the heat of lightning, explored caverns by the light of fish, mused about the invention of coffee, found Arabidopsis, and defined vitamins.

September 2014

I grated into my finger, visited Gorham’s cave, found vitamins in shampoo, criticised IFLS, explained misheard lyrics, went #abcgetfit, explained the beauty of jacarandas, found out why clockwise is clockwise, described a creepy tissue preservation technique, celebrated Eureka Awards, explained why multitasking doesn’t exist, what a droplet lens is, and scanning electron microscopy, and the sound of music in a school student’s video, found Earth’s name, asked if we can sell science better, tackled epigenetics with some help, listed three reasons to love sci-fi, attacked homeopathy, wrote a pollen drama, swooned over my e-reader, found uncontacted tribes, explained curly hair, bacon for nosebleeds, ate too much Szechuan pepper, got outraged about science understanding, rolled my tongue, found lyrics in science papers, and started three sentence science week with stories on old water, apples

October 2014

shrinking sea, needles in pills, bioreactor clams, melting ice, and HIV cure; I planted some tomatoes, changed minds, glimpsed lunar eclipse, found antinausea medication, defined megafauna, put your gut outside your body, saw origami space flowers, explained virus transmission, learned about better batteries, celebrated day 60, was blinded by science, hoped for fusion energy, explained saturated fats, convergent evolution, criticised reheated pasta hype, encountered stinky penis mushrooms, counted calories, looked into cabinets of curiosities, explored a beautiful language tree, got sad about microplastics, recapped the toad invasion march, found the BBBkale’s relatives, sparkling apples, got angry at media over Ebola, and quested for real jasmine.

November 2014

I explained what sheep and bugs have in common, befriended gut bacteria, found nature’s MSG, saw the most moving video of the year, asked for a SlugBot, heard about flying dinosaurs, praised algae, played a chemistry game, criticised GMO haters, explained blenders, profiled a science blogging researcher, followed Philae’s landing, and its multilingual announcement, mused about clouds, criticised a report on note taking,  was gifted a fossil, explained blue skies research, listed ten science misconceptions, closely observed exit signs, tried alcohol as food, explained away chilli pain, did a quiz on brains, made fun of conspiracy theorists, started skeptical week on day 100 during which I introduced skepticism and Carl Sagan and the skeptical method and rational inquiry and the limits of skepticism.

December 2014

I found an adorable frog, discovered aeroplane tape, a solar bike path, drank coffee from the right colour mug, found the periodic table of frequency, a really old shell engraving, worried about CO2 crops, looked into clove aroma, ate enough protein, tried not to misuse some science terms, saved trees with hairspray, got sunburnt and used aloe vera, looked into fMRI studies, traced the mysterious Nazca lines, raved about Enceladus, put on beer goggles, met a really mean fuzzy gang, explained the TBBT theme song, found three things in sand, compass in the brain, and started round up the year with cutest, best tech, best space stories, and best sci-fi novel, greatest dinosaur, biggest disappointment, best award, best 2015 science, and most inspirational video.

January 2015

I started out with top science stories of 2014, dissolved packing peanuts, explored curious memory loss, encouraged Project 50, popped pills mindfully, cut open hand warmers, fictionally settled on Mars, had a birthday, found worst allergy ever, NASA’s exoplanet posters, explored empathy, looked at mass death, started Picture Wednesday, nudged, took eye ointment, explained zebra stripes, counted planets, checked salt, found haunting medical paintings, tracked dogs and wolves, saw sleeping birds, looked into aquagenic pruritus, rethought mental illness, fish oil, lived with a scientist, saw squid in the dark, fictionally got rid of humans, and ate figs with bugs.

February 2015

Went to see Neil Gaiman, listed three facts about jellyfish, explained circumcision and AIDS, met Theo the Brachiosaurus, found Lizzie Harper, disagreed about science fails, was unnerved by fat bacteria, and the Moon illusion, corrected my wolf story, lied with statistics, explored mushroom packaging, shared non-GM food pictures, celebrated Darwin day, recounted a fire on Mars, got halfway through the year, mused on climate change, got outraged about a bad video, found Mieke Roth, commented on Oliver Sacks, found a beached shark, a lifetime in a dream, quested for soap, saw Tim Minchin, stuffed face with bacon, explored lipstick, debunked anti-vax conspiracies, rounded up The Dress, and mourned my grandpa.

March 2015

Explained the spinning lady, found holes in Siberia, glimpsed at tetrachromacy, spots of Ceres, explained fountain pens, ate less sugarwrote by hand, diagnosed with smartphone, defended a love of science, explored time, found James Hutson, fanned science, learned about surface tension, baked a Pi, fluoresced, had Tiger Balm, doubted Mars, saw auroras, went tobacco-free, celebrated sparrows, saw colour for the first time, got mad about salmon, ate science porridge, printed food, found the light, comic organs, peeled garlic, got a bad cold, read about Lyme disease, watched Frozen, and had a sinus headache.

April 2015

Found space destination posters, debunked WiFi allergy, painted nails, danced for climate change, ate eggs, laughed about science, got chemophobic, found diatoms, questioned redback antivenom, spread homeopathy awareness, put cat in a box, saw running robots, told astro anecdotes, gendered capsicums, helped an infographic, cracked nuckles, kept it in the ground, competitively helped, looked at the hidden network, smelled cancer, greeted robots, found a bunny nematoda, a scientist comic, marked Hubble’s 25th, had massive hail, saw Stephen Hawking, ate natural GMOs, tried science inoculation, found map of Mercury, and found Google’s fashion data.

May 2015

I watched monkeys with hammers, thought about nutrition, measured pain, listed five highly specific journals, wrote verbosely, found Angela Canada Hopkins, designed bird nests, made a LEGO science video, got engaged, greeted El Nino, made you guess mystery macro, debunked E numbers, somewhat justified chemophobia, tried the Up Goer Five editor, revealed the mystery macro, updated aquagenic pruritus, discussed being paid for scicomm, found the phylogeny tree, delisted species, updated solar bikepath, was let down by data, did science of x, found perytons, was cognitively loaded, found Markos Kay, went on a chocolate diet, encountered a luminous galaxy, did cake maths, and ate too much red onion.

June 2015

I determined wind chill, sniffed out toxoplasmosis, saw plasma tubes, and candy frogs, gargled Iceland moss, debunked hygiene hypothesis, inspected bakelite, figured out how we walk, went into choice paralysis, found reef drawings, criticised salt lamps, debunked more effectively, celebrated day 300, virtually went to Galapagos, woke up with Philae, started a cliffhanger, found Klari Reis, resolved a cliffhanger, stood up, tried baboon democracy, investigated waterproofness, celebrated Cephalopod week, ate pest condiments, drew a cartoon, explored ASMR, appreciated fluoride, found homosexual animals, chatted with a bot, yawned with elephants, and had an extra second.

July 2015

Experienced a two-planet-meeting, sniffed seabirds, visited the world of ants, arrived at the limits of science, rejuvenated with blood, looked inside an old egg, found neurosexism, found Juan Travieso, studied twins, debunked space typo, fictionally rode a driverless car, tried to be more creative, gamed with cats, looked at Pluto, found Henry Segerman, discovered behavioural sinks, and bacon seaweed, and insomniac fish, opposed driverless cars, rejected shark attacks, prepared for jet lag, found Inessa Stanishevskaya, stepped on the Moon, pondered latitudes, admired chlorophyll, ate blue food, went nature via nurture, warned against killer robots, toured Mars, grew hands, and met rogue waves.

August 2015

I dissected headache, took activated charcoal, went to the ISS, uncovered a historical medicine story, marvelled at glass jellyfish, remembered aeroplane pseudoscience, sensed the power of smell, sailed with stones, debunked Vegemite alcohol (which landed me on TV news), welcomed back quolls, did cereal physics, added lasers to sciart, explored galaxies, smelled ants, went from pool to pond, did a solar race, got confused about fat and carbs, and… finished.

And then I celebrated by putting this all together! By hand!

I’ve forgotten how to have fun.

Bonus fun fact: this post is titled 366+, because in the process of doing this review I discovered two cases when I’ve used the same day number for two days in a row. So… I overshot by two days and this project actually contains 367 stories instead of just 365. Shhh.

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