Whose website is this?

If you’re confused about the domain and name change on my blog, that’s okay. This is still home of my portfolio and the 366+ day science story blog, previously known as A Common Year.

I’ve changed my professional name to Signe Dean (previously Signe Cane) hence the slew of changes that came with! If you spot any broken links, please let me know.

Quick FAQ

Have you stopped writing?

No, I’ve had a bit of a blogging break after finishing the massive 365+ day project, but I intend to return to regular posting in a few weeks. Meanwhile you can find my stories regularly on ScienceAlert and check the folio page for any updates.

Did you get married?

Getting married in January, but changed my name already so I don’t lose six months worth of bylines. Search rankings can be unforgiving, folks.

What about that podcast you were going to start?

It’s brewing. Stay tuned!

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