Stuff I’ve done

Managing Editor at ScienceAlert (Jun 2018 – Jul 2022)

Deputy Editor at ScienceAlert (Aug 2017 – Jun 2018)

Freelance science & health journalist (Since 2012; currently not accepting work)

Journalist and fact-checker at ScienceAlert (Mar-Jul 2017)

Launch editor of SBS Science Online (Jan-Dec 2016)

Executive producer, SBS Latvian radio program (Oct 2012 – Jan 2016)

Editorial assistant and journalist at ScienceAlert (Aug 2015 – Jan 2016)

Staff writer/intern for Australian Geographic (Dec 2013 – Jan 2014).


As an accomplished public speaker, I’ve given talks and participated in discussion panels at IQ2 Debate Sydney organised by The Ethics Centre, at Australian Skeptics National Convention, Australian Science Communicators Conference, Byron Bay Writer’s Festival, Macquarie University, Osnabrueck University Institute for Cognitive Sciences, and University of Latvia.


Always reading studies, articles, books, and, of course, talking to scientists.

Master of Science in Mind, Language and Extended Cognition
2010 – 2011 University of Edinburgh

ERASMUS studies in Social and Moral Philosophy
Sep-Dec 2008 University of Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with distinction
2007 – 2010 University of Latvia