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Project 50, a blogging challenge | Day 141

The merits of blogging are not always apparent, particularly when you have a small following, do not get paid for writing, and often simply can’t find the time to write.

I’ve spoken before about my reasons for doing this daily blogging challenge, and it’s been working out great, but I’m a writer and this is as much about honing my life skills as it is about entertaining an audience and sharing stories with it. (That said, I like having an audience. Please don’t leave.)

However, there are a lot of people out there with interesting perspectives and valuable insights, but not necessarily a battle plan for how and why they write a blog.

Regan Forrest is one of those people. Hailing from Adelaide, she is a visitor experience researcher and museum planner who has travelled to many parts of the world doing fascinating work in museum exhibition development and design, creating interactive experiences for audiences of various ages. As she describes in her bio:

“…it occurred to me that whether the topic is the Big Bang, the significance of a battle site, or the collection of a national museum, it’s a pretty similar challenge: all cultural institutions have a story to tell, and they have to do it in a way that captures the interest and imagination of their audiences. Getting a better understanding of these interactions between audiences, sites and stories has since become my professional passion.”

Since 2010 Regan has been writing a blog on topics connected to her professional life, such as science communication, museums, culture, visitor experience and others. However, blogs by their nature are things we seem to be doing largely for ourselves – unless you’re part of a professional blogging network, in which case congratulations. Also, sometimes life gets in the way and writing seems way less important than paid work, family stuff, undertaking a degree, and so on.

Here, you either give up and slowly let a blog peter out, or you find a way to kickstart your muse. Inspired by daily blogging projects such as this one, Regan has decided to launch “Project 50” and write fifty blog posts in 2015.

I think it’s an awesome goal, and you should all go and check out her blog, and subscribe. (After you’ve subscribed to mine.)

Good luck, Regan!

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