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Red pen, black pen | Day 250

I know Picture Wednesday was yesterday, but I just have to share some of these comics.

I spent my evening at a Q&A forum at University of Technology Sydney, where three working scientists and two science journalists discussed the limits of science, how it is communicated, whether we put too much faith in it, and why scientists talk about science – or don’t talk about it – the way they do.

Then I stumbled upon these on Twitter – a comic series Red Pen / Black Pen by computational biologist Jason McDermott. These little strips document life as a research scientist, navigating grants, scientific publications, peer review, and even just life in general. You may even have seen the one about vaccination. I decided to embed these as tweets, because it’s easy, and keeps the original message and link back to the author.

There are more found under #redpenblackpen, with links back to Jason’s blog, too.

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